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Julie Murphy MNCS (Accred) - Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Are you ready for a change?

Did you realise you’ve already taken your first step by reading this?

It may be that whatever you’re currently doing is no longer working for you.

It may have been like this for a very long time, even for as long as you can remember.

Are you no longer willing to continue this way?

If that’s the case, I can work with you to get you to a place where you’re living a life closer to what you want.

It may look something like this:

  • You wake up looking forward to the day ahead rather than dreading it
  • The constant or frequent anxiety starts to subside as you learn how to manage it better
  • You no longer put yourself at the bottom of your own to-do list and make your own needs and wants a priority
  • You feel more in control of your life
  • You find your joy again by reconnecting with people and/or hobbies that make you happy
  • You find your joy again by disconnecting from or managing people and/or things that make you unhappy

I'm Julie, and I help people find their happiness again.

Life can be tough, it can be difficult to think of how to move forward on your own, especially when you’re bogged down by things.

Together we’ll look at what’s going on for you and understand what is holding you back or causing you upset. Then we work towards making these problems easier, maybe even non-existent.

I love helping people realise that they can live the happy life they deserve and begin to make this a reality which may look something like being free from pain, hurt, anxiety etc.

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Employment History

  • July 2017 – Present, Wishaw Counselling Service, Self-employed Counsellor/Psychotherapist.
  • Nov 2021 – Oct 2022, Moira Anderson Foundation, Counsellor.
  • Jan 2015 - March 2019, Open Secret, Prisons Development Worker (Counsellor).
  • Oct 2015 – March 2016, Inspire Scotland, Relief Youth Care Worker.
  • Oct 2012 – May 2015, Time and Space, Counsellor.
  • Jul 2013 – March 2015, Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH), Counsellor.
  • Dec 2013 – Mar 2014, Visibility Scotland, Occasional Support Worker.
  • Nov 2012 – Oct 2013, First Step Counselling Service, Counsellor.
  • Aug 2010 – Oct 2013, Lanarkshire Rape Crisis Centre, Counsellor on leaving.
  • Aug 2010 – May 2011, The Wynd, Counsellor.


  • June 2020 Counselling Tutor – Online and Telephone Counselling.

  • Oct 2012 – Jun 2014 Strathclyde University – Post Graduate Diploma in Person-Centred Counselling.

  • Aug 2010 – May 2011 Motherwell College – HNC in Counselling.

Professional & Personal Development Programmes

  • February 2021 David Kessler – Types of Grief, Unattended Grief, Understanding Grief & Healing the 5 Areas of Grief.

  • February 2021 Esther Perel – Growing Through Discomfort.

  • February 2021 Zero Suicide Alliance – Suicide Awareness Training.

  • February 2021 BACP – Working with Complex Grief.

  • January 2021 CAS Centre for Adolescent Studies – Trauma Basics for Youth Workers.

  • January 2021 TURAS Learn, NHS – Developing Your Trauma Skilled Practice.

  • November 2020 Counselling Tutor – Bereavement awareness in Counselling.

  • June 2020 Online Events – A 2 Day Introduction to Working Online with Couples.

  • June 2020 BACP – Working with Bereavement and Complex Grief.

  • April 2020 The Foundation for Infant Loss – The Foundation for Infant Loss Training Course.

  • April 2020 PESI - Telehealth for Mental Health Professionals: Distance Therapy Training.

  • April 2020 Online Therapy Institute – Moving Your Practice Online.

  • March 2020 ACT Counselling Services – Group Therapy.

  • January 2020 Carolyn Spring - Dealing with Distress: Working with Suicide and Self-Harm.

  • October 2019 North Lanarkshire Council (NLC) – Impact of Substance use on Children & Young People.

  • October 2019 NLC – Impact of Paternal Substance Misuse During Pregnancy.

  • October 2019 NLC – Child Sexual Exploitation.

  • October 2019 NLC Child Protection Committee (CPC) - Getting It Right In Child Protection.

  • September 2019 NLC CPC - The Impact of Paternal Illness on CYP.
  • August 2019 NLC - FGM, Forced Marriage & Honour Based Violence.

  • April 2018 BACP, Julia Samuel – Grief works: Stories of life, death and surviving.

  • April 2018 Greenwood Events - Counselling Couples and Families: A Person-Centred Approach with Charles O’Leary.

  • April 2018 BACP - Working with critical incidents. Prepared not scared; are you ready to respond?

  • November 2017 Open Secret, various speakers - Wellbeing Matters. A Conference Exploring Adverse Life Experiences and the Impact on Wellbeing.

  • June 2017 NOTA, Becky Kaufmann, Scottish Trans Alliance - Clinical Forum Sex Offender Practitioner.

  • February 2017 Scottish Centre for Conflict Resolution – Transforming Conflict, Nurturing Human Relationships.

  • August 2016 NOTA, Dr Chris Irons - Compassion-Focused Therapy.

  • January 2016 - Child Protection Training.

  • November 2015 - Crisis and Aggression Limitation and Management.

  • June 2015 Bluebell PND Service - Understanding Ante/Postnatal Depression/Anxiety.

  • March 2015 Strathclyde University - Non-Directive Play Therapy in Action.

  • February 2015 Ron Coleman, & David Campbell – Reclaiming our lives: Working with Males who have experienced sexual abuse.

  • September 2014 David Murphy - Trauma and the Therapeutic Relationship.

  • March 2013 Rufus May – How do we heal from experiences that drive us crazy?

  • Jan 2012 – Mar 2012 Motherwell College - National Unit in Clinical Psychology.

  • Sept 2010 Motherwell College - Scottish Mental Health First Aid.

  • Jan 2010 – Mar 2010 Motherwell College - Introduction to Counselling.

I work with adults on an individual basis

In my different roles as a counsellor, I have worked with people on a long-term, weekly basis for as long as they needed the sessions.

I have also worked with people in a time-limited way where we have a set number of sessions.

Whatever your needs, we can work together for as long as you feel it is necessary. There is no set time limit or maximum number of therapy sessions.

Once we end our work, you always have the option to get back in touch in the future if you feel you need a few top-up sessions, or your circumstances change.

Get in touch

Please click here to make a booking. Or use the form here to contact me with any questions you may have or to arrange your first appointment.

You can call me on 07488312784 if you would prefer to speak to me first.

I am happy to discuss any questions you may have prior to arranging your first appointment.

All enquires are usually answered within 24 hours Monday to Thursday.

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