Understanding the Counselling Process

Have you considered counselling before but you aren’t quite sure what it is or what to expect?

Counselling provides you with a confidential, non-judgmental space to explore what is going on at a safe pace that suits yourself. You may wish to explore your issues, experiences, feelings, thoughts and behaviours. These may be a result of something which has occurred recently or going as far back as your childhood.

The therapeutic relationship between you and your counsellor is built on honesty and acceptance. This relationship provides you with the support or challenge you may need to start working towards your desired changes or outcomes.

Due to what we may be working on at the start of your therapeutic journey, you may feel a bit out of sorts. This is a perfectly normal reaction due to what you are working on in a short period of time. As your sessions continue this will ease off. If you feel like this, it is important to recognise these feelings and do not view them as a negative side effect of counselling. Alternatively you may feel lighter after sharing your experiences with your counsellor.

If you do feel out of sorts after counselling good self-care is important.

Create some space to do something for yourself that you enjoy. This will vary from person to person; a hobby, exercise, TV, reading, quiet time to yourself or going out and engaging with other people.

It is important you are ready to do the work and can commit to counselling on a regular basis for it to be valuable, useful, and productive. If you have any worries, fears or questions share them with your counsellor. They may be able to put your mind at ease by answering your questions or validating your feelings or worries.

Counselling can help you develop better self-awareness.

It can help you understand how past experiences still effect you, any triggers you may have, where they have came from and the impact this has had on you. You will get a better understanding of yourself, your relationships and how your experiences have shaped you until now. Having this deeper insight into yourself can enable you to make more positive choices or changes going forward.

Wishaw Counselling Service provides short term and long term therapy sessions based in Wishaw, with easy access from surrounding areas including Motherwell, Hamilton, East Kilbride, Shotts. Please explore this website for more info.

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