The Counselling Process

Wishaw Counselling Service - Long Term & Short Term Therapy

If you choose to engage in counselling/therapy the following is some information to give you an understanding of what may be involved.

Counselling provides you with a safe, non-judgmental space to explore your thoughts, feelings, behaviours, experiences and issues.

The therapeutic relationship between yourself and your counsellor will be one of acceptance and honesty, providing you with the support or challenge you may need to make any desired changes or outcomes.

Due to the nature of what we may be working on this can leave you feeling out of sorts for a brief period of time at the start of your counselling journey. This is only temporary and to be expected due to the nature of what we may be working on.

As your counselling continues this will fade over time. It is important to recognise this and not to see it as a negative side effect of therapy. But you may feel lighter after counselling, we are all individuals and respond differently. Due to this self-care is important whether it be making space for yourself to relax or spending time with others after your sessions, whatever helps you.

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You need to be committed and ready to do the work on a regular basis to allow counselling to be beneficial and constructive.

Be honest with your counsellor throughout the process with any questions or concerns you may have. They will be able to validate your worries or put your mind at ease.

Counselling allows you to work on your self-awareness; how you are in situations and relationships, potential triggers you may have, where they have come from and how they impact you now.
Increasing your self-awareness allows you to have a better understanding of yourself, your relationships, and how life experiences have helped to shape you allowing you to make more positive choices for yourself, moving forward enabling you to be responsible for your own thoughts, feelings, actions and personal growth.

You are in a safe space where you can ask about anything that you are unsure of or if something is causing you concern.

For counselling to be effective you have to be committed to the process and attend on a regular basis, preferably weekly. If you work shifts we can change your times on a weekly basis and arrange your next appointment at the end of each session unless you prefer to book in advance.

As the Client, you are responsible for communicating any changes in circumstances that may impact on your therapy briefly or over the long term and we can work on the changes or around the changes.

We are both working together to get the best possible outcome for you.

The cost of counselling sessions is £45 for 50 minutes.


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