Digital Policy

The following document explains in detail The Wishaw Counselling Service’s digital policy.

    • Please do not use messaging or e-mailing online to contact me with any detailed information which may be confidential or sensitive in nature.

      The reason for this is that the information may not be 100% secure.

      By all means you can contact me by e-mail, websites or text to let me know of any cancellations, late arrival, or the need to change / book appointments but we cannot discuss any matters relating to the Counselling work via these platforms due to them not being fully secure.

    • The Wishaw Counselling Service does not use an e-mail encryption programme, so any emails sent may be vulnerable to viruses or human error.
    • Online there may be various sites where you will find the Wishaw Counselling Service’s information. These may have been automatically added by the website and not by the Wishaw Counselling Service.

      The listing on any of these sites is not a request for a review or endorsement from Clients.

      You may wish to add something to these sites but please do not be offended when you do not get a reply as this could be deemed as the Counsellor breaking confidentiality by acknowledging you as a Client.

This policy may change as the digital world around us evolves.