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Are You Chasing The Elusive Butterfly Of Happiness?

March 12, 2020

For many people happiness is an elusive butterfly in the garden of life. Imagine a young child in the garden on a summer day. The child sees a beautiful butterfly flitting from flower to flower. With eyes of wonder the child wants to see it close up, touch it, and hold it in their hands. … Read more

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Understanding Loss

May 18, 2019

Although loss is a part of the bereavement process it covers much more than the death of a loved one. Loss is when you are mourning the loss of something, your life has changed and is no longer what you once knew. Loss and grief are deeply personal. Everyone responds differently. There are various theories … Read more

Understanding The Counselling Process

May 11, 2019

Have you considered counselling before but you aren’t quite sure what it is or what to expect? Counselling provides you with a confidential, non-judgmental space to explore what is going on at a safe pace that suits yourself. You may wish to explore your issues, experiences, feelings, thoughts and behaviours. These may be a result … Read more